Solutions for Providers.

Why Healthcare Analytics?

Remember those old Star Trek episodes where Dr. McCoy would scan a patient with a device (a medical tricorder, to be perfectly geeky) and it could diagnose every ailment and abnormality on the spot. Then, the good doctor would immediately know a proper course of action and get to work. Could you imagine things being that simple in healthcare? Well, we’re not quite there yet…but we’re a lot closer than you might think. Data analytics holds the key to more accurate, timely, and simplified medical decision-making, not in the distant future, but right now.

Changing the game 

Take lung nodules, for example, present in a radiology image. They are hard to detect even for a trained eye and as a result quite frequently missed. Left untreated and for the disease to progress, this can make the difference between a treatable condition and one that is untreatable. This is just one of many vexing, and devastating, medical challenges today. Diagnosis that are difficult to detect and, once diagnosed, it’s often too late. The symptoms are not present or not-specific and the key indicators too nuanced and seemingly unconnected, not to mention different for each individual. There is almost no way for a medical team to keep track of all of the data, make a clear picture out of it, and act in a timeframe that will benefit the patient. Enter data analytics. IMIDEX takes all of that overwhelming healthcare data—radiology images, results from lab tests, medications, current interventions, minute-to-minute diagnostics, and even doctors notes—and develops machine-learning solutions that not only recognize the potential for problems, days before a clinician might, but also has the ability to reference best practices and procedures to immediately recommend a course of action. The medical staff can take it from there, secure in the knowledge that they have the most accurate and relevant indications possible.
This is just one of many examples of how harnessing the power of data can lead to better healthcare. It’s the small, and large, differences our technologies can make early on in a patient’s healthcare journey that can lead to improved outcomes. This, in turn, leads to improve outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and higher levels of satisfaction and value for both the patient and the provider—the very hallmarks of value-based healthcare.

Why Imidex?

Because we are in this for a the same reason as your are—we want to make a difference. Since we’re geeks in a different way that you might be (the Star Trek reference might give that one away), we use our knack for technology and recognizing hidden patterns instead of a stellar bedside manner and personal contact to make that difference. The proprietary technologies that we’ve developed at IMIDEX are truly cutting edge, rivaling any other technological juggernaut can offer. What’s more, we understand the healthcare industry and can offer insights most cannot, all while remaining an approachable partner.