VisiRad For X-Ray

VisiRad XR embodies our core mission to help healthcare providers increase positive outcomes for patients.

Efficiency is a buzzword in healthcare these days. How do you increase speed and increase accuracy at the same time? Both are critical and increasingly at odds with each other.  A drop in accuracy and outcomes suffer. Sacrifice speed and costs go up, making it harder to provide value-driven care.

Our advanced AI and deep-learning algorithm quickly identifies common radiological findings, prioritizes your workflow, and eliminates non-value added work so that you can stay on top of your workload. VisiRad XR provides additional cognitive support and augments your work, reducing ambiguity in diagnosis and eliminating unnecessary procedures.

Reduce Evaluation Times

With the traditional ABCDEFGHI approach, a radiologist might read a chest X-Ray in 3 minutes. By contrast, VisiRad XR can accurately read an image in an average of 0.01 seconds. In the time you can say, “ABCDEFGHI,” VisiRad XR has read hundreds of images. Imagine having a personal assistant so quick.

Increase Accuracy

This speed doesn’t sacrifice accuracy. Currently, VisiRad XR has an accuracy rate at, and in some cases above, that of expert radiologists. As more images are analyzed, VisiRad XR continues to become more accurate, giving radiologists certainty to focus on areas that need the most skill and expertise. VisiRad XR allows radiologists to eliminate any non-essential effort and focus where critical human judgment is needed the most.

Eliminate Missed Findings

Missed or delayed radiological findings can lead to missed opportunities for treatment. Medical imaging, a major contributor to the overall diagnostic process, is an easily remedied source of error. Missed, incorrect, or delayed diagnosis rates are as high as 10%–15% and in radiology it soars to 30% with many of those being “underreads” or missed findings. Johns Hopkins researchers found that diagnostic errors make up the largest fraction of claims against healthcare organizations, the most severe patient harm, and highest penalty payouts—more than surgical and medication mistakes. Above the financial costs, this amounts to poor outcomes and patient care. VisiRad XR doesn’t suffer from perceptual errors and cognitive bias that can lead to missed findings, protecting both your patient and your organization.

Improve Outcomes

At the end of the day, we’re helping people. More than 85,000 deaths in the US occur each year due to missed diagnoses—the equivalent to one Boeing 737 falling from the skies every day. If these largely preventable deaths were as visible, we would scramble to find solutions. VisiRad XR is the solution for taming these numbers.