Healthcare Analytics That Saves Lives

Whether it’s recognizing the risk of, and preventing, acute kidney injury, to identifying a missed nodule in a chest x-ray, every second counts toward creating optimal outcomes for patients, and peace of mind for providers and insurers.

Healthcare Analytics That Saves Lives

Creating positive outcomes for patients, and peace of mind for providers and insurers.


Our vision & mission is to save lives by turning chaos into insight.

There is a lot of information out there—patients, facilities, payments—and there is new data every second. But it is not just a bunch of numbers and handwriting. It is deep insight. Once you cut through the chaos and the clutter—once you have focused on the data that is truly important—it can become the solution to some of the most vexing problems in healthcare. Solutions that were once unthinkable. IMIDEX uses cutting-edge predictive analytics to distill all of that chaos into meaningful insights and actionable guidelines that really can save lives.

Solutions for Providers.

Like healthcare providers, we are focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for patients. We recognize that every medical case is different, however the common theme is that, given a provider’s caseload, too much information exists to put all the pieces together all of the time. If we can just harness this data and isolate the salient information, then we really can save lives. To get there, we use advanced mathematics and data analytics techniques, including image recognition algorithms and natural language processing, that others simply cannot match. Partnering with healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers, we are able to offer actionable insights and suggested courses of action based on best practices and a continuously updated stream of data for both individuals and populations.

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Solutions for Payers.

We provide solutions to Health and Medical Payers to more objectively and effectively manage claims. We use cutting-edge, data-driven medical analytics to more accurately and objectively stratify a claims adjuster’s caseload across a continuum: from usual and customary treatment; to overbilling; to excessive services; to unnecessary services; and to those that are potentially injurious.


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Careers at IMIDEX 

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Whether you are a talented coder or data scientist interested in pushing the envelope or an outstanding clinician looking to challenge the status quo in healthcare, we’d love to talk with you. Check the link below for current openings to help IMIDEX change the healthcare industry.

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