Streamline workflow.
Maintain accuracy.
Reduce costs.

VisiRad is a deep learning AI algorithm that reads radiology images and provides quick and accurate findings for a variety of conditions and diagnoses. By training our AI on a database of existing radiology images with previously labeled diagnoses, we are essentially teaching VisiRad to read images in a similar way to how a radiologist would read them. And, like a radiologist, the more images VisiRad reads, the more accurate and precise it becomes. Unlike a radiologist, VisiRad is able to read images in a fraction of a second instead of minutes and does not suffer from the same fatigue and cognitive bias that human readers can.

What this means for you

As a radiologist, your workload is heavy and your time is valuable. Imagine having a personal assistant that is accurate, fast and eager to learn, quickly identifying common radiological findings, prioritizing your workflow, and eliminating non-value added work so that you can stay on top of your workload and focus on areas that need the most skill and expertise.  VisiRad allows radiologists to eliminate non-essential effort and focus where critical human judgment is needed the most, providing additional cognitive support and augmenting your work, reducing ambiguity in diagnosis and eliminating unnecessary procedures.

Supported Modalities

Our current focus is on radiography with VisiRad XR. In addition we will also be offering VisiRad for other radiological modalities such as VisiRad CT for CT scans and VisiRad MR for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Learn more about our current products by clicking the button below.