About us.


IMIDEX was founded on the belief that technology can help save lives. In particular, harnessing the power of “big data” to inform medical decisions and create better outcomes for patients. That’s how we make our contribution, by leveraging our technology and healthcare expertise to help create a better way of doing things in medicine. Fortunately, this goal falls right in line with the current focus on value-based healthcare and the triple aim.

Turning Chaos into Insight

If you were to try to look at the vast amounts of data that are continually streaming into the healthcare system you would be hard-pressed to make any sense of it at all. And it is not just the amount of clinical data, it’s the sheer speed at which it’s being created and changed and the seeming disconnection between it all. Really, it is overwhelming. As we have said before, it is not just a bunch of numbers. It’s insight. Once you cut through the chaos and the clutter—once you have focused on the data that’s truly important—it can become solutions to some of the most challenging and impactful problems in healthcare.

The “Butterfly” Logo

Along those lines, just take a look at the IMIDEX logo. We have chosen to reference Lorenz’s Strange Attractor to signify how a small change in one state of a dynamic system can result in large differences in a later state. It’s the so-called butterfly effect, and the attractor, significantly, looks a lot like a butterfly. That’s what we aim to do—help make the small differences early on, so they can help make large, and improved, differences down the road. From seeming chaos, insight. A clear picture of something that did not exist before.

That is where we leverage machine learning and a rigorous methodology—we do not like to use the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), however that is really what it amounts to—to let the incredible computing power at our disposal look at all of the data and create a clear picture of what is really going on. From radiology images, to test results, to the physician SOAP notes, we use it all to find the data that really matters and suggest actionable results for healthcare providers.


Our core team is comprised of dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds—tech, business, insurance, healthcare—that strive to push the boundaries of what data can do to change lives and alter the course of healthcare for good.

Richard Vlasimsky

Richard Vlasimsky


Formerly, Richard co-founded and was the CTO and VP of Business Development for Valen Analytics (www.valen.com). When Valen was founded in 2002, Mr. Vlasimsky was an early pioneer of applying predictive analytics to commercial lines insurance, having grown to have successfully developed predictive underwriting models in all the major lines of commercial insurance. As a result, some of Valen’s early customers are now seeing 5-6 point loss ratio improvement in their books of business. Richard was also responsible for the development of strategic partnerships for Valen, where he developed a channel from zero to one that booked $2.5MM in new business at his final year at Valen.

Richard began his career in 1994, when he joined Andersen Consulting’s technology consulting group (now Accenture). He worked on a number of successful initiatives, notably: a client/server business office system for 800 facility long term healthcare provider, a global deployment of enterprise resource planning and demand planning system for Texas Instruments, a technology transfer and channel development project with an enterprise application integration start-up, and the development of a constraint-based ad-targeting system for Turner Broadcasting.

Richard has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Computer Science and an MBA with an emphasis on Operations Research at the University of Oklahoma. His senior project was to build a 100% solar powered car, which competed in the first World Solar Challenge across Australia.

Jacob Gelfand

Jacob Gelfand

VP of Engineering

Jake has been with Imidex for over 6 years serving in a variety of roles. He was most recently appointed VP of Engineering to produce, oversee, and coordinate high quality deliverables in a timely fashion.

Jake has worked within a variety of fields of healthcare-oriented data science including clinical decision support, disease management, assisted living, and auto-medical insurance fraud. Mr. Gelfand’s passion for healthcare, data science, and quality care for patients shines brightly in all of Imidex’s work.

Jake holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado with an emphasis on computer science and automation.

Kenneth T. Bellian MD, MBA

Kenneth T. Bellian MD, MBA

Physician executive with deep understanding of complex challenges that exist in healthcare and the opportunities which avail themselves to deliver disruptive solutions The mastery of this ecosystem come from viewing these problems from multiple vantage points: single specialty group practice, academic medicine, safety-net delivery system, free-standing ambulatory care surgery center, Independent Physician Association (IPA), the entrepreneurial perspective and the insurance industry. The utilization of skills such as lean management systems, innovation dynamics, and design thinking facilitate achieving the following:

• Strategic Planning
• Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Finance
• Talent Development
• Clinical Informatics/Data Analytics
• Bench to Market Commercialization
• Patient-focused Healthcare and product design
• Community Engagement and Partnerships
• Marketing/Public Relations
• Innovation and Business Development