Company is evaluating strategic partners and potential acquirers who could potentially treat 50% more lung nodule patients in the U.S. and save billions of dollars annually in healthcare costs

DENVER, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imidex, a pioneering startup in the field of early detection of lung cancer through AI technology, proudly announces the appointment of Wes Bolsen as its new Chief Executive Officer. Imidex Co-Founder Richard Vlasimsky will assume the role of CTO as part of Bolsen’s hiring. With a mission to revolutionize healthcare by detecting lung cancer in its earliest stages, Imidex will leverage the expertise of Bolsen, a serial entrepreneur that has helped secure over $500MM in venture and non-dilutive funding for his past companies, to evaluate strategic opportunities.

Wes Bolsen brings a proven track record of commercializing breakthrough technologies across multiple industries and driving innovative companies to acquisition by industry leaders. With over two decades of experience in executive leadership roles, Bolsen has spearheaded transformative initiatives to help reshape industries and save lives.

“I am honored to join Imidex at this pivotal moment,” said Wes Bolsen, CEO of Imidex. “Lung cancer remains the deadliest form of cancer worldwide, but with Imidex’s groundbreaking VisiRad™ XR detection software, we have the opportunity to detect lung cancer earlier. This technology will not only save lives, but also billions of dollars in payor costs annually. Providers will also see billions of dollars in increased top line revenue through additional lung nodule findings that could increase the number of lung cancer patients being treated in the U.S. by 50%.”

Imidex’s AI-powered software VisiRad™ XR was built on one of the largest chest X-Ray databases in the world and is one of the only products to hold an FDA 510(k) clearance to detect lung nodules and masses from low-cost X-ray procedures. Although low-dose CT screening for lung cancer is currently recommended for 22 million Americans, less than 6% of eligible patients were screened in 2022. With more than 250 million Chest X-rays performed annually in the U.S., there is a significant opportunity for VisiRad™ XR to detect additional lung nodules that are currently unidentified and untreated. The use of VisiRad™ XR could help healthcare payors reduce the immense financial burden—potentially billions of dollars—associated with late-stage lung cancer treatment. Imidex’s goal is ultimately to help healthcare providers by improving their accuracy and reducing their exposure while saving additional lives through identifying lung cancer at its most treatable stages. Under Bolsen’s leadership, Imidex is actively evaluating strategic acquisition options to expedite the deployment of its technology and maximize its impact on global healthcare.

“With a tremendous team, advisors that include cancer-screening pioneer Stan Lapidus, and alongside company directors such as Dax Craig, we have built a company that will make a meaningful difference in the fight against lung cancer,” said Co-Founder Richard Vlasimsky. “Now, with the leadership of Wes Bolsen as our CEO, we can get this technology commercialized and into the hands of the right strategic partner.”

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IMIDEX has a singular mission in mind: to save lives lost to lung cancer. With 1.8 million lives taken every year, lung cancer is a problem that IMIDEX solves with AI-powered medical device technology that helps clinicians detect cancer earlier. For more information about the company or VisiRad™ XR, please visit