IMIDEX Presents at Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor and Partner Conference in Vail

Company Overview

IMIDEX is a clinical decision support company with the mission to improve lung cancer outcomes. Formed on the vision that data science can save lives, IMIDEX uses sophisticated computer vision technology to screen chest x-rays for lung lesions. These lesions are an extremely subtle finding and often overlooked during radiological examinations where early-stage detection and treatment of lung cancer could have occurred. Our flagship device, VisiRad helps cognitively augment a clinician’s radiological examination by identifying chest x-rays that are likely to have lung lesions. With VisiRad, we harness the power of big data to achieve greater accuracy and improved quality of life.[rv1] 

Leadership Team

Richard Vlasimsky, CEO
Jake Gelfand, VP of Engineering

Milestones Met

  • Custom clinical decision support systems integrated with EMR’s [rv2] and put into production
  • Acquisition and curation of radiological data[rv3]  for analysis
  • VisiRad algorithm developed and validated using blind sample of chest X-rays
  • Prototype of IMIDEXpert ground truthing process
  • Conducted clinical performance assessment

Product or Therapeutic Area and Stage of Development

VisiRad: Computer-Aided Detection for Lung Cancer, currently undergoing FDA regulatory clearance process Commercialization phase